Sunday, March 11, 2012

Estate/Yard Sale Bug !

Got the "Estate / Yard Sale Bug" so had my morning coffee on Sat., and off I went. Should have eaten something first, but that is another story. Only one estate sale looked promising, so went there first. Yes - lots of vintage bling, but not at a bargain. I got the impression most of the jewelry was property of the person (company) holding the estate sale and not that of the estate. Did find a few bits and pieces, but nothing to tap dance about ( I can't tap dance anyway). When the sun decides to shine again, I will take pictures. One is a Avon locket from the late 70's early 80's (depends on who you listen to). I paid a couple of dollars. Checked ebay and the going price is all over the place - $9 and up - mostly $20/$30 range. Highest I saw on ebay was a buy it now at $39.99.
There was a set of very ornate, tiny appetizer(?) forks, only a couple inches long that would make pretty pendants , that I was so tempted to get. Yes - You read that right - pendants !! :D However, they appeared to be the same density of metal as a couple of pieces I have not been able to drill a hole thru with my drill, and I don't have the tools to bend them - and I don't need to be buying any more tools !!!

Something that got my attention real fast about the house where the sale was being held. Pretty, Very nice neighborhood, well kept on the outside . Inside - Wow! I was surprised - Not what you would expect and NOT in a good way. Lots of pricey antiques, collectibles, crystal, etc.. However, the place was in serious need of cleaning - thick layer of dust on and under furniture - years of accumulation. When I see a situation like that, it makes me sad. I just hope no one has been living there for a long time. :(

Paid for my jewelry bits and pieces then went into the garage - nothing of interest. Then saw a fishing tackle box and some pretty little lures and thought, I bet I could make a pendant out of one of those. Started picking one up and could not drop it fast enough - it was made out of something where it would be pliable in the water! Ewwww! Think worse than wet gummy bear consistency !!! :-D Could not get a tissue out fast enough to wipe my fingers! You are probably saying - Bet she won't bait her fishing hook with a live worm either ! Yep - you got that right !! :-D

A couple of yard sales later - nothing of interest and no vintage bling.
Short treasure hunt, so went off to take care of other things.

Feeling a Bit Out of Sorts
A while later, started feeling a bit out of sorts and remembered I had not eaten anything, so stopped for a sandwich to go. When got home only ate half and drank a lot of water, as I was more thirsty than hungry. I had planned to tackle another of the declutter jobs, but ended up curled up on the couch for a while.

Can you see me doing the "Happy Dance" ?
Probably a good thing that you can't , but that is just what I am doing! Anyone that has followed my ramblings for a while knows I am NOT a Winter, short day person. Day Light Savings Time ! Yay!! Yes, I know it will take a couple of weeks for my system to adjust to the loss of the hour, but not really a big deal - I just need daylight!!

I started a post to participate in a couple of the weekly events this week, but just did not get around to finishing it up, so will save it for another time.

Lets all have a great week !


Sue said...

I laughed out loud as I pictured you holding up that slimy lure! Not quite what you expected- that's for sure. Hope your luck turns as the sales start popping up with this warmer weather we seem to all be experiencing. :-)

Christine Wallace said...

Hi Glenda,
Yes, I too, am finding it hard to find the "good stuff". Been buying alot on Ebay and paying way too much for it. Your post made me chuckle, especially the bit about the fishing lures. I love the way you are thinking outside the box!! Hope you have a great week too, and enjoy your extra daylight this week!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Most of the official estate sales around here are just too expensive, might as well go to an antique store.
At least you came away with a few things; the Avon locket sounds interesting. Look forward to seeing what you create with it. I'm not a "wormy" kind a gal either:-)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

One day you'll hit the jackpot but until then you'd better learn how to tap dance ;)

Love the lighter later too!

xinex said...

I love estate sales but it is disappointing when you don't find something you expect to find. Glad you got tie to relax, Glenda....Christine

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Glenda, your description of the fishing lure had me laughing. I also LOVE Daylight Savings Time, and I'm so glad it's finally here. Wish they (whomever that is) would just leave it this way year round. Beautiful weather today. Sorry you didn't have any luck at the sale, but you did learn something about lures! laurie

Cheryl said...

I've never made pendants out of forks before... but spoons on the other hand.... *woot-woot* I love me some spoon pendants. One of these days I am going to try my hand at forks! lol

Donna said...

Sounds like an adventurous day! Sorry you didn't find anything. I wouldn't bait my fishing line either! It takes me days to adjust to the time also!

lvroftiques said...

Glenda I got the heebie jeebies just hearing about that lure! Yikes slimy texture.... No thank you! I've also found the local estate sales to be so over priced lately. What the heck...don't any of the sellers know we're having a recession?...Bunch of crack smokers. Sorry bout the rant *winks* Vanna