Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dab of This and That

I know - I have not been visiting around  the land of blog as much recently. However, as we all know - life gets busy.  Nothing in the category of blog material.   Had to play catch-up on several issues, and make plans for an upcoming event and issues involved.
Then the errand list yelled "tend to me", so off to get the car oil chg./tires rotated and car washed (finally).  Pollen was so thick on it, had to turn on windshield washer to clean it so could see where I was going. Major stock up type shopping trips, which included one  to DT, and as usual came out with a lot more than I went after, but did stock up on baggies of all sizes/types, and other assorted supplies,  post office, etc., etc....
Since my "decluttering" project has gone by the wayside for the time being, I went ahead and took what I had boxed/sacked up to GW. Glad to finally get that out of the car as have been carting it around for a while now.
Then there is the "unplanned" trip to the dentist!  $$$   %#!@# !!!   And the list goes on..........
No decorating going on around here these days:   Have not really added any decor to this spot on the counter since Christmas, and did not want to "tax" my brain (already taxed to the hilt with more important things these days) to come up with something new and different, so just moved the faux (I tend to kill the real ones) succulents from the window sill,  and called it good.
Well - Yes!  That is some Christmas wrapped chocolate candy in the upper left corner!  I am trying to be good ya know....

Until I picked up these little gems at DT a couple of days ago - Yummy!  Says 3 servings to a box - Not sure about that as it seems to be more like 1, possibly 2 if a person has a bit of willpower.

Update on courtyard flowers  Some of the pots of begonias I recently repaired as squirrels dug in them, had to be repaired AGAIN!   Don't know what their problem is, but really wish they would go dig else where.  As stated before, already lost a pot of oriental lilies, and now  the calla lily does not look very "spiffy", the pink seed geranium, and gerber daisy have not put out new buds, and a  pot of petunias that the heavy rain beat down has not produced any new buds.   Has really been a rough year on annuals this year - gave them all a bit of plant food and hope they will recover.
I have only a few iris left, and not one bloomed this year.  I noticed a neighbor's did not bloom either. Whats up with that?
Yep! Just another Dab of This and That ramble.  Off to heat up some leftover BBQ,baked beans, add a little slaw and a glass of vino and call it dinner.
Hope everyone is enjoying their week.


20 North Ora said...

Can't a bunch of errands like that just take up the whole day? When there are so many other things we would rather be doing!!


Donna said...

I am so far behind with visiting blogs too! I can't seem to get anything completed these days. So many distractions. I finally planted a few flowers today ... about a month late for me!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Darn those pesky errands, but I'm sure it feels good to get them out of the way. Hope the unexpected trip to the dentist wasn't too serious.

The Old Parsonage said...

Sometimes we do have the real world take control right. Yumm on the dove!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I don't want to know about those Chocolate covered Raspberry Creams. Thatlooks like something I could scarf down so fast, I'd gain 50 lbs with one serving! I hate the errands list, but I always feel good when I can mark off one or two things. At least the weather has been nice for being out running around. laurie

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Mmmm...have you tried putting a little bit if chicken wire around the base of the plant (on the dirt)?

Those raspberry cremes look good. I haven't had any real chocolate in a month. I made some homemade almond joy bars and those were good - very dark chocolate though- I miss my Godiva!

xinex said...

Sorry about your plants, Glenda but I like the succulents. I have not been visiting blogs a lot too cause I have been busy traveling and playing with babies....Christine

Sue said...

I find I have to be "in a mood' to sit down and really read blogs. I don't like to just glance, I like to really look at the pictures and see what people are doing. When life gets too busy or too stressful, it is hard to focus. We are getting ready this weekend for a garage sale next weekend. I don't want to do the work, I don't want to have the sale, but my husband says that I have too much to take to donate and have to get rid of some of it first. Ugh. I'll be so glad when it is over and just want to clear out the "garage sale" corner of the basement!

I just bought my first real succulents in ages. I will have a picture one of these days. I love them and they are so popular this year!

Patty said...

There are so many blogs I would love to visit but just don't have the time as well. Some days are just not as exciting as others when we have errands to do. Enjoy your Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Irises, Glenda. I can't believe how well ours did this year, with the wacky weather. J replenishes from Aunt Ruth's gardens now and then. A neighbor was out driving around the neighborhood today and told J about a gold Iris she has. He is going to get one from her, when they stop blooming. Since we decided to stay in the house awhile longer, he has gone crazy about the gardens again and the yard. I am glad...he is Type A all the way!! Gives him something to do when the weather is good.

Have a great rest of the weekend. Hope you get a chance to veg out a tad.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

This is just a hectic time of year, I find. Yard cleanup, plant buying, plant planting, dirt hauling, etc., etc., etc. Not to mention that I work at a friend's company more often during the spring and summer as a sub in the office. Add 2 little boys here once a week and it's a challenge to get to visit all of the blogs I want. Especially those that post almost every day. I don't know how they find the time!

Hope those critters find somewhere else to dig!