Monday, October 7, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Day....

The leaves have not started turning in this area yet, however, the sky definitely has the look of Fall. It has the crisp, beautiful blue, with a few white, puffy clouds floating by - so pretty.  Only 68 as I sit here typing.
 The squirrel population started their "dining al fresco" in the hickory nut tree late this year.  Usually they start around mid August, but for some reason  they did not start until a couple of weeks ago, so it is officially "hard hat season" around here.  I am guessing since we had such a strange weather pattern this last Spring and Summer, the nuts were slower  maturing than normal (just a guess).  Anyway, the squirrels are making up for lost time, and judging by the size of the mess they leave at the end of the day they have invited their friends in from other neighborhoods to dine with them.

Joining in @ "Outdoor Wednesday"
So what did I do on such a beautiful Fall day ? Stayed in most of day as allergies went into overdrive,  put out a bit of Fall decor (finally), and made soup.
Made it a little different this round - used some frozen meatballs instead of ground beef that I season myself.  That was a mistake and after eating a bowl of the soup, I took the remaining meatballs out of the pot of soup, and added a couple hands of pasta. I had used a few of the meatballs out of the package a while back and did not care for the taste, but thought maybe in a pot of soup they would be ok - NOT!   Make note to self: Self - Do not buy that brand again. Also, used a package of frozen vegetable soup mix (already seasoned), and don't think I will do that again either.  Package said seasoning/spices added, I missed reading the sodium content when bought it, and also suspect they included red pepper flakes - hence the reason for adding some pasta to tone it down a bit.
End result:  Edible, but certainly not the best soup I have made.
Hoping the weather was as beautiful in your area today as it was here.
Have a great week!


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Well it sure looks good. It's time I made a pot of homemade soup, just waiting for it to cool down a little bit more.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The weather is gorgeous today after a rainy stormy night. But we needed the rain. I never buy those frozen meatballs - I just don't like the taste. I've finally seen a few squirrels in the yard the past couple of days. I was beginning to think the coyotes had gotten to them!

Patty Antle said...

This is the season for soup. I am reading that many bloggers are doing this - I need to catch on and make some too!

Indrani said...

Enjoy the best of autumn! Great pics and what a table spread!

The Old Parsonage said...

I'm right there with you about soup season. I made vegetable beef 2 weeks ago and Italian Wedding Soup last week. Who know what will be next, but it sure helps during the week to have leftovers!

The sky is beautiful!

Enjoy your week!

xinex said...

The weather has been nice this week here too, Glenda. It is definitely Fall...Christine

Jim said...

Great skies.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Good soup weather. Sorry yours was disappointing, but the pictures look good! laurie