Friday, March 6, 2009

Jars - A Remember When

I am sure many of you out there in blogland don't remember, when many times candy was kept in jars at the local store. When someone wanted to buy some, they would just reach in take out the number of pieces they wanted (with a bare hand no less). Well, most of the time the pieces were wrapped, or the store clerk would use tissue paper, and were 2 for a penny. A nickle went a long way in those days. :) I remember the peanut butter logs in the jar and they were one of my favorites. You could get a little bag of lemon drops at the 5 and Dime store, that were so good - much better than those today. Probabley because they did not have all the preservatives and mystery ingredients in them. Now days, if you mention lemon drops, a lot think of the drink. :) Well - these are two of those candy jars. These came out of my Father's business. The marbles in the largest jar were from his stock also - with the exception of a few on top. Someone saw my jar of marbles one time and thought I collected them, so brought me some more. :) The smaller jar has a glass lid, and I use it for packs of crackers and such. I know - wallpaper still on my "to do list".

Remember when ginger jars were a hot item. Late 60's & early 70's, seemed like everyone had a ginger jar. This one was a gift, and started out with a top. Converted it to a lamp and kept the top for a long time, but it eventually got broke. That is ok, because I would have kept it as a lamp anyway. Years ago I was in a waiting room, glancing at a magazine and saw one just like mine - also made into a lamp. I don't remember the exact price, but it made me appreciate mine more.
Cloudy, but suppose to be in the lower 70's today - I am waiting!
Hope everyone has a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

My favorite candy from glass jars was black balls. The store owner just stuck in his hand and took out how many you wanted. There was a multitude of colours in those balls and you kept taking it out of your mouth to see what colour it was now. And in the center was a spice pod of some kind. (Anise seed???)

Anonymous said...

I remember those too.I don;t remember any as pretty as your lamp.That is gorgeous.
And as far as Roo?He has no idea he's noy human!He never questions,i guess he thinks we're the odd ones.haha...Ann

Barb said...

Glenda, oh, I remember ginger jars....I loved them. How cool.


Kris said...

Love how you transformed the ginger jar. Too cute!
The candy jars would look amazing in my kitchen. LOL
I'm actually looking for some older clear jars that are affordable

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I love old jars full of candy, I don't remember any from my childhood,just those in pictures.. I hope you're having a super w/k my friend...hugs ~lynne~

Holly said...

I really like jars full of things, especially sweets, lol!
I have a really cool star-shaped jar which I have filled with over 1000 little origami stars, which I made over the course of just under a year. :)

Domestic Designer said...

I have an old canning jar filled with marbles. I use it as a lamp base. Your lamp is so pretty! Have a great day! Isn't it nice to have warm weather again!!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

It was so gorgeous today! I was outside most of the weekend! I don't remember any of those things but I love the look of jars filled with all kinds of things!