Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dab of This and That

I think this is the last little Easter vignette around the house. I put the little yellow peep under glass to keep the dust off. :-) When my Grandson was 2 yrs. old, he and his Sister got some peeps in their Easter baskets. He loved to see birds - actually any kind of wildlife outside. He decided his peeps were his pet birds, and not to be eaten. He would carry them around where ever he went, put them beside him where ever he was playing, and take care of them. He happened to walk in the kitchen just as his Mom popped a peep in her mouth, and he was devastated and yell at her to not eat the little bird. Later when he was in bed, or distracted doing something else, she took his peeps and hid them, and he never asked for them again - guess he forgot about them. :-) He is a few years older now, still loves the wildlife, but thinks it is ok to eat the marshmallow peeps. :-)
Weather great today, so took a long walk around the neighborhood and admired the pretty flowers.PhotobucketPhotobucket
My Grandmother had these flowers, and we used to call them "Snowball Bushes" - don't know what the real name is - just think they are so pretty. This bush is huge.
More Azaleas
Ham bone soup and it was good!

Hope everyone has a great evening



Domestic Designer said...

Love the peep story! So cute! Your pictures are gorgeous. Have a great day!

Kris said...

What a cute story. I'm not a fan of peeps. They are cute, but I don't like the taste. Speaking of taste. The hambone soup looks yummy. I good hearty meal. Got any cornbread to go with that?

Love the snowball bushes. We also use that term. Like you, I'm not sure of the real name.

Have a happy day


Nancy Rosalina said...

What a cute peep story! The pictures are beautiful and that snowball bush is gorgeous! I would cut blooms from that and feel my house with them! I hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend! Nancy

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Such a cute story! I love those snowball bushes!

Have a great Easter!


suzeeez said...

I love your peep story too .....cute .... yet it pulled at my heart. The peep under glass is an adorable idea.
Happy Easter To You !

rosanna said...

Happy Easter to you!!children can be so sweet sometimes.
Snowballs = palle di neve is the same name we give to these flowers in Italy!

Anonymous said...

glenda i have a fan award for you.will you please come pick it just means i am a fan of your blog...ann

Unknown said...

Hi Glenda!
What a cute peep story! What is it about Peeps?
I love your photos of the flowering bushes! So much wonderful color...

Hoppy Friday
~Really Rainey~

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see those flowers. We still have snow piles in the the shady areas and only tips of plants showing in the gardens. I like you peep stary and I loooove peeps - especially the pink ones. I have a sweet tooth for candy and sugar sweets.

Anonymous said...

no dear,no.i can't do it that way either.i right click,same as picture.then i go to my layout then gadjets and go to the picture one the one with the inot your pics,mine are in new arivals.there is you award will be there in the pictures.just like you post a pic on your post only it goes to your side bar.i'm not very good at telling how.i hope you can understand this.if not,we'l;l get you some smarter help...ann

Glenda said...

I remember those flowers too and calling them snowballs. I have never had Hambone Soup.

Have a happy easter.


Meli Abellán said...

Glenda Happy easter to you and your family.

susan said...

Found you by way of Really Rainey--your wedding comment caught my eye!--Good luck. Our only daughter will be married in June!! Send any tips my way! Best wishes to you and the bride and Happy Easter!

A New England Life said...

My mom always called them snowball bushes too. I'm not sure what the actual name is either. Can't believe they are in bloom already! Our Daff's just started blooming this week!

How could a child not eat their peep? lol! He had great self restraint ... and love of the peeps!

JudyBug said...

What a cute story. I would love to have some of the soup...and yes, we need cornbread and good butter...and sweet tea!