Friday, April 24, 2009

Lets Go "Junkin"

Even tho last weekend was a very busy one, I still found time to go "junkin". Different city - different stores! This was a antique mall, good size and lots of things I would not classify as antique. :) I was already half way thru, before I decided to take pictures.
Anyone's relative? :-) Photobucket
Want to go for a bike ride? I have not been on a bike in years - could be a disaster!
I thought this table would look better with a wood top painted to go with the rest of the table. Oh well, I was not going to buy it either way.Photobucket
Anyone for a "sing along". Actually I can't carry a tune in a tin bucket and sure can't play the piano. Photobucket
Did they have any birdcages? They sure did! How many did I buy, you ask? More on that later. :-)

Have a great weekend!


Barb said...

Glenda, goodness, it would take forever to see all those goodies.

I love it.


Anonymous said...

come on---how many.quit holding out on us girl...ann

Anonymous said...

i was a follower of yours.did you change or something?i am trying says my pass word is not my password.i'll try again later.sorry..ann

Domestic Designer said...

Looks like a good one. It is stuffed with all kinds of goodies!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. The mall was pretty big. I don't know how many booths were there. The first 2 pics. are of just 2 booth spaces.
Ann - No I haven't changed anything (don't know enough about what I am doing to try and change anything.) :-). You are still signed on. Click "more" beside the word Followers, then click "next" under the group of pictures displayed.
I am like Manuela @ The Pleasures of Homemaking - I prefer the terms "Friends or Readers". :-)

{oc cottage} said...

What a place!!!! How fun!

m ^..^

Glenda said...

What tease you are with the Birdcages.

It always fun to get away and go junken.


2 Dogs said...

I've still got my birdcage sitting in the dining room. Have not done anything with it...yet. So much to do. So little time.

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I love antique malls! I can spend hours!

Floss said...

Oh, that was lovely. I wanted to climb into the photos! Thanks very much - looking forward to hearing about the birdcages. Thanks for visiting my blog, too - enjoy your lovely spring day!

Betty G said...

Looks like you had a good time looking at all those treasures! I need to get out more and do some junkin' myself! Glad you had a great time and post some pix of your finds! ~Luv~Betty G~

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Looks like I place I like to go to called "My Favorite Place". Piled to the roof with stuff and you really have to look but I always find some kind of treasure there. How many did you get?