Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dab of This and That

If it is as hot where you are as it is here, maybe this picture I took 1/10/11, will help cool you down a bit. :-D
"The gang" has gone home, crumbs swiffered up, tiny finger prints wiped off the glass door once again, etc. - until next time.

A bit less clutter: I had gathered up quiet a few magazines and books to pass on, and when I told my daughter about them, she said they were not ones she was interested in, but could take them to a library close to where she lives. Glad to see them go to a good home.

What is your home decor style ? This question came up recently in a conversation, and I have said it before and will say it again - Mine is mainly "Early Attic and General Junk".
I don't have anything that is "matchy-matchy" or "sets". Oh, I did when started up housekeeping many years ago as that was the thing to do. Started out with Italian Provincial (matching end tables & coffee table, lamps, night stands/dresser/chest, etc.).
Then a few years later, on to a heavier Spanish influence in dining , living area, with a little wrought iron thrown in.

Then as many of you know - The country/primitive influence showed up in the late 70's (during the bicentennial) into the 80's, and some even slid on into the early 90's, and took over many of "our minds" ! :-D
Looked forward to all the Country Living and Country Home magazines to find out what the hottest collectible was at the time. My kitchen/dining area looked like a antique shop. I had lots of crocks, baskets, dried flowers, old jars/bottles, antique candy molds and biscuit cutters piled up in a wooden bowl, etc. I would pull out a drawer on my antique cabinet during the holidays, and arrange a little vignette in the corner. It all attracted a lot of dust!
Well - I went on a "binge" one year in the 90's, and did a major clean out. Passed a lot on to daughter, called someone with an antique booth, who came over and did a "major" shopping trip at my house and I sold a lot in a yard sale. Now that I look back, there are some things I sorta wish I had kept. From that point on, my home has been a mish-mash of no particular style - just a "Dab of This and That".
I have things that I have accumulated over many years - no particular "style", but makes me "Happy", and that is why I hang on to them.

How about you - What is your decorating style ?
Have a great weekend !

ETA: I forgot - My sofa and love seat do match ! :-D


Donna said...

I have nothing that really matches and I like it that way!
I did the same thing in the 80's with the "country" thing :)
I hope it cools off soon!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Thanks for the snow! It's in the mid 90's here, but we don't have your humidity.
I remember when everything had to match; chairs, sofa, love seat, coffee table, end table. Ick! Rooms without matching furniture look like they've evolved over time. I can move a piece of furniture from one room to another and still have it fit in. I love my grandmother's timeless antiques.

Sue said...

My style has changed over the years too. We got married in college, so we started with hand-me-down furniture from our parents. A few things are still here! I was one of the early "country blue with ruffled curtain" owners...a bit ahead of my time and I loved it when I loved it. I hate it now! I can't believe I used to have all those bunnies and things sitting around. I'm really more look here is what I call the Tommy Bahama look...dark leather, rattan ceiling fans, shells with a few things around that I have just because I love them. I tend to change my style when I change this won't be my last decorating style I'm sure.

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

I'm going for "Early Thrift Store" since so much of my furniture has found its way to my adult kids homes. They need it and I'm tired of it... so the replacements are things I pick up for a song to "re-do"...often the re-do doesn't happen.
That snow looks soooo good today...since I spent the day in that town between you and me...I know it's hotter there!!! I was so glad to get home to my ac...
Hope you stay cool!!!

xinex said...

Hi Glenda! I like traditional but I have a mixture of everything so I guess it's eclectic...Christine

Jenny said...

Hello Glenda,

Thanks for stopping by. Boy, I feel for all of you in the heat wave. We're used to that kind of heat here is central Cali. Stay cool.


People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Hi Glenda, My decorating style is eclectic vintage....things used by the common man, time worn and well loved.

Thanks for the cooling moment with the photo. It's hotter than blazes almost everywhere right now.

Gail said...

Like you, I pass on magazines to friends who need something to read while traveling or at the gym. 2 neighbors and I have a swap system so the zines get read at least 3 times b4 recycled.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

No snow please!!!
It's very hot here but I can take it better than months and months of cold!
Which I know I will see all too soon.
Love all your cloches below too!
Great job!

Sue said...

Glenda, I would much rather be cold than hot! You can pile on clothing to warm up and be comfy- ya can't get "nekkid" in public. Heat and humidity are uncomfortable! We are sweltering here and I am anxiously looking forward to fall!
My style tends to be a globally eclectic look. I like a variety of styles and try to incorporate them in a way that looks good to me. After being in California visiting our son, I thought I might go more towards a contemporary look, but I live in a traditional home! I can't seem to make the switch completely! LOL ~ Sue

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Hi Glenda, I think my "style" changes from week to week, blog to blog, lol. I like a lot of different things but prefer mostly old things. I would have loved that country kitchen. Wouldn't mind seeing a little bit of it come back.

I am sooo ready for fall although we don't have much of a fall here. It is my favorite season to decorate!

Monica said...

Oh my! I nearly fainted seeing that white stuff!;))
My style has been defined 'sophisticated country' by a fellow blogger, and I agree completely! And yes, the best of all is to have and collect things that make you happy!
Hugs Glenda, and thanks for always visiting and taking the time to leave me a lovely word.
Monica xo

lvroftiques said...

Glenda I saw your picture and thought "What in the heck?" But given the heat in the rest of the country totally refreshing!
Alas not here in the NW....Ooohhh noooo no sun for us!...Well actually today is the second day in a row with actual sunshine and the temp is 80 on my deck so GOD be praised!! Tomorrow is more rain. *sighs*

My decorating style has actually never changed since I was a little girl. I like to think of it as European Romantic....but it's probably more hodge podge-o-Goodwill crap!...Well I am delusional, and it makes me happy (usually) *winks* Vanna