Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Tried - I Really Did

I tried to do some "junkin" last weekend - but guess it was not meant to be. Want to add to my stash of vintage "bling" to repurpose, so scanned estate sales for my area - nothing of interest and it is still to cool for yard sales. Then the "light flickered upstairs" - flea market this weekend! Yep - that is where I will go - even put on a full coat of makeup ( just in case I run into someone important). Checked "moo lah" supply, grab a bottle of water and snack size m&m's (gotta have a quick sugar boost some times you know), and off I go.

Or so I thought ! Hmmm! Let me think here a minute! If I get in my car, crank it up, put in reverse and floor board it real hard, what is the possibility of me being able to move that SUV out of my way that is double parked behind me. Well - Maybe not good.
Next choice: Analyze the situation and decided maybe, just maybe I can do some real creative maneuvers and get out without leaving a blemish on mine or their "metal babies" - Or what ever they make vehicles out of these days. Who does that thing belong to anyway?.
Well - Glory be: After some real creative driving and almost out, I see this human run out, hold up their hand for me to stop, they jumped in the SUV and moved it from behind me and then parked in someone's reserved place. I lowered my window and said "Ma'am" (could only see their back). Well - Ok! They were no Ma'am! He came around the fence and He had some pretty, long hair in the back, but also had a mustache in the front.
I think I said - Sorry, then said - thought you need to know (I wanted to say - can't you read the sign?), you parked in someone's reserved parking place and she will have your vehicle towed. I know who the person is that reserves the parking place and trust me - I knew this person was not connected to them.
"He" proceeded to tell me that they were moving - yada - yada - yada!!!
I think I said Have a Nice Day - At that point I am already wanting a m&m fix (it don't take much).

Okee Dokee!! I am on the road and get almost to where I am going and thought - why is the traffic so heavy, and why are there traffic patrol cars out, and people in bright yellow vest directing traffic? Then I saw the sign CIRCUS ! That is when I should have turned around and headed in the other direction - but NO! I wanted "bling". So, I took my chances and made that left hand turn, edged along in a sea of traffic past the arena where the circus was being held, then past where early voting for something was going on and added to the traffic, then get in the section where the flea was being held. What can I can say - I drove, and drove, and drove, and ............Well you get the picture - this was a situation a snack size package of m&ms was NOT going to fix! There is NO parking - NONE - ZILCH ! Oooops! Sorry - did not mean to yell !

So I said -Dab of This and That - This is NOT your day to shop for "bling" - You best go find something else to do for the day. Soooo.......I left the area, stopped to buy gas (that put a dent in the wallet), picked up Chinese takeout and went home.
Friend called later, and said - Hi! Where have you been? I almost yelled - but kept my composure.
Answer to the issue: Easy - get up early Sunday morning, get "fluffed and puffed" and arrive at the flea when they open at 8 AM, since the circus won't start til early PM! Well.........Let's just say Sunday morn rolled around, jumped (crawled) out of bed, had my morning coffee, etc.. While brushing teeth, I looked in the mirror and asked (yes - I have talked to myself before) - Do you really want to do this ????
So...........I reheated my coffee and turned on the computer.

So - What did you do last weekend?


Poppy said...

Alas, some things are just not meant to be....maybe next time right?

Donna said...

I did nothing exciting as what you did! :) Makeup is just too expensive to waste isn't it? LOL

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

The nerve of that guy! Better luck next time.

Sue said...

Oh I hate it when days go like that. Hmm...last weekend...you mean I'm supposed to remember 3 days ago? Actually, I had a headache on Saturday and didn't get much of anything done. Sunday we ran into the bigger city a little over an hour away and did the mall, TJMaxx, lunch day. I also spent some time over the weekend putting the dish room back together. This coming weekend we have our little guys coming...which always seems like such fun a few days ahead of time. Of course a few hours into it, I'm wondering what I was thinking!!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Glenda, I've never understood why some people think they have the right to park anywhere they want to park! The grocery store really gets me going - when I finally find a parking place and then walk to the door to find cars parked in the "no parking" zone in front of the door! Sounds like a frustrating day. So sorry. I love those m&m's too, and love to carry them when I head out the door. Have found a melted mess in my purse at times though. laurie

Sue said...

Some days, it just doesn't pay to walk out the door! Hope you have better luck another day. I've had many "bust" days where nothing went right, on top of not finding any treasures. Oh and I talk to myself all the time! LOL

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Oh no! When you start thinking about a king size package of M&Ms, it's time to head home:-) I'm sorry you didn't get your junkin' fix and I'm sorry you're not showing us a whole post on all the bling you found. There's always next weekend.

Tracy F. said...

Love that sign! It's SO true, isn't it?

Tracy F. said...

Love that sign! It's SO true, isn't it?

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Okay, you've had more than your share of bad auto karma. Next trip to the flea market, you are sure to find a spot! Fingers crossed.

The Old Parsonage said...

Sounds like an exerpt from a novel:)

Us? We ventured out to the market then didn't leave the house the rest of the weekend. It was wonderful:)

and to think just one more day till this weekend!'

Hope this one you get your bling on:)


Anonymous said...

Hope your weekend is better this week, Glenda!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Aw, some days are just like that. My favorite days are the ones where I stay in my jammie pants all day and just create stuff or piddle around the house.
I hope this weekend is more successful!