Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Bit of Bling

Hit an estate sale first thing on a Sunday morning and came away with a pretty decent stash to work with. The jewelry had belonged to the Mother of the lady doing the selling, and she was able to give me the time period for some of the pieces. Only one piece of the jewelry is marked - the butterfly (bottom right) is missing its clasp on the back is marked Regency and the company was in business 1950-70. What is left of the clasp on the necklace was used in the 50's/60's also. Most of the pieces are broaches/pins and have broken or missing clasps, which is not a problem as I got them to repurpose anyway.
3 of the pieces are missing a setting, and don't normally get those, but think the situation can be remedied pretty easy - already have an idea for the yellow daisy and one I have already replaced with a vintage rhinestone button. One has a old rhinestone missing and that one may be a challenge to find a match.
Have already started a necklace using the tasseled pendant on the left.
Found 2 miniature spoons in with the jewelry. The top one (2 1/2 ins. long)is a pin, but will probably turn it into a pendant. The largest (3 ins.) is marked avon and was in a little plastic sealed sleeve, as if it came with something else. Did some checking on the net, but came up empty handed. Think they will look quite sharp serving up a spoon full of rhinestones or such. :-D

Got another multistrand necklace (damaged) and length of multicolored rhinestones probably part of a necklace or bracelet at one time and forgot to take their mug-shot, as they were in jar of cleaner at the time.

Happy with the stash I got - even tho I probably paid a bit more than I normally would. The lady doing the selling said 2 women came when she first opened on Sat. and bought most of what she had. I did not see the ad for the sale til Sat. night - I am going to have to get up earlier and get to moving. But I think having to hit the floor running before daylight for so many years took its tow on my way of thinking as to when a day starts. :-D

While there, a man came up and said his wife sent him back with orders to look for certain things. He kept looking at my stash the seller was holding for me and I was thinking "don't even think about it". He bought a few pieces and left and the seller said he and his wife were there the day before and bought quite a bit and she got the impression they were looking for items to repurpose also.
Have already made usable pendants/focal pieces out of some of these odds and ends, but need to get some pictures taken.

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Hope you are having a good week!


Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Nice bling.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

I love it all and would have bought all of it too. Good idea to put a vintage button in the center of the daisy. You sure got an assortment of color too. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Sue said...

It looks like that batch will keep you busy for a while. I think my favorite piece is the tassel pendant...very unique. When we were in Berea, KY (yes, I will write about it) a jewelry maker told me about a school he goes to every summer. He said it was only $300 something for a week including food, lodging and instruction. I told him it sounded like adult summer camp. He said it was really wonderful for learning new things and his jewelry was beautiful.

Sue said...

I think this is the link to the "camp" school. http://www.lapidaryschool.org/

County Line Road said...

Great Butterfly!

xinex said...

Wow! You really did find a lot of jewelry, Glenda. Have fun redoing them. The spoons are really cute....Christine

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

What a great stash, Glenda! There's another estate sale in Memphis this weekend, showing a lot of costume-type jewelry. Do you go to the Estate Sale list? http://www.estatesales.net/estate-sales/TN/Memphis.aspx The Estate Sale is through Vance Estate Sales. They won't have an address up for the sale until tomorrow night, but it says "East Memphis" and it runs through Sunday. laurie

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Glenda

Love your fun finds. My MIL has a ton and I mean a ton for jewelery. I think that she has the daisy pin that you showed but still intact.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Wow! You did good Glenda!
That was a neat sale to hit, looking forward to seeing your finished pieces too!

Cheryl said...

SCORE!! Lucky you!