Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dab of This and That

I remember helping my mother can when growing up, but never attempted it on my own. I always froze extra food items - easier for me.
My daughter has been busy and the results are Yummy !
Strawberry Jam

White Niagara Grape Jelly
Daughter and son in law stopped by for a quick visit, and she brought me a jar of her homemade strawberry jam. I did not want to wait til breakfast, so made some skillet toast, slathered on some jam, and served it up on fine china by dixie. :-D
Oh My - Yummylicious !! Homemade is so much better !
I have no clue why I did not notice the knife was sitting at that angle, or a bit of bread crust was sticking out on the left side of the bottom piece when took the picture. Can you tell - I am NOT a food photographer. Guess I need to be more observant when photographing food. Ya think ?!?
Speaking of photographs:
I started this post a while back and am just now getting back to finishing it up.
When I first started blogging and someone noticed I repurposed vintage jewelry and made one of a kind pieces of jewelry, they suggested I watermark my photos of my creations, as there were "those out there" that took pics and claimed them as theirs, etc. I started out watermarking, etc., then I admit I slacked off and forgot to or just did not take the time.
Certain things have come to light so to speak, and maybe I should have done a better job.
I have not joined Pinterest, but have done a bit of snooping around. Just the bit of snooping around, I was surprised at what I saw!! Yep! Some of my photos from my blog. When I saw them, it was like - Okee Dokee, someone likes my stuff. I mentioned it to someone, and they said, be sure to click on your pic and see if it links back to your blog. So that sent me on a mission - I had to go back and locate where I saw my photos. My memory must still be pretty good, as I was able to relocate all but 2 of the photos. Fortunately the ones I relocated did link back to my blog - the other 2 I am still looking for, but they seem to have "disappeared". Someone else is looking in my behalf also, as they are of some jewelry I made and are definitely one of a kind pieces.
One of our fellow bloggers, who is a jewelry designer had an unfortunate experience when someone lifted posts and pictures from her blog and used them without her permission. When I commented on her post, I said "not that I have anything worth lifting", so was surprised when found some of my pictures floating around out there. You can read about it here.
Yes - I got Gretchen's permission to link back to her post. :)

At the end of her post on this subject, she posted a link to another blog with more insight and info on the issue. If you have concerns, you may want to check it out.
Using the phrase "Do not use content or photos with out written permission" means nothing to some.
Just thought you might want to know.

Just curious: What are your thoughts about someone posting a link to your blog, an article you wrote, or a picture you posted without checking with you first? I am not talking about "blog hops", giveaways, etc., where the hosts post an open invitation for bloggers to participate and link back to their blog.

Just another Dab of This and That.
Have a great week.

ETA: If you use blogger - be sure and check "Spam" under comments on your dashboard on occasion. I just found a legitimate comment there - it has happened before. ??


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Can you pass some of that jam over my way? There is nothing like homemade.
Sorry to hear about your pictures floating around out there. I've noticed that almost all of the ones I see of my stuff out there in Pinterest Land do link back to my blog. I have, however, started watermarking all of my photos and should have done it a long time ago. As long as they give me credit and link back to my blog, I'm OK with it. It would make me furious if someone passed my pictures off as their own.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Your daughter's strawberry jam looks delicious! I've just gotten into canning a little more lately myself.

I guess my opinion on the subject you raise is that if we put things out there on the web (especially recipes like I usually do) I expect people to perhaps try a recipe and sometimes blog about it. I find that flattering. When they link back to my blog, that's what I expect them to do but I don't really expect them to ask for permission first. Some people have, though, which is thoughtful and respectful. I did find someone on a site called Big Oven that used one of my photos and claimed it was theirs. I quickly notified Big Oven and they took down the photo immediately. You are right about some people being clueless!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Glenda, that jam is making my mouth water. Lucky you to get some from your daughter! I love when someone pins from my blog. (Of course, I have nothing that I am concerned about someone "stealing"). If you click on one of the pix from your blog, to the left of the picture, it should show a little block of about 3 pix with the message "other pins from Dab of This and That". If you click on that, you should find any pins that link back to your blog. However, I'm not sure why, but sometimes when I pin (even from my own blog), it does not link back to my blog. I don't know why that happens. Beautiful weather we are having. Have a great week. laurie

xinex said...

The jam looks so good. I love the strawberry...Christine

Gretchen said...

I just want to clarify something here. I do not have a problem with people pinning things off of my blog, as everyone is doing this. What bothers me is 2 things.
1) The situation described here wasn't someone repinning my jewelry... It was an individual in the UK that literally STOLE 2 YEARS OF MY BLOG content in whole and than put it on their own blog under a jewelry heading as though it was their own work. No others jewelry designers were included in this tab, only my stolen blog content. My content included personal photos of my 17 yr old daughter, my 88 year old Dad, and such, not just jewelry. Why was this gentlemen doing this you may wonder? Because, he was selling ads off of his blog to earn $$$$, and was using my jewelry design blog content to entice people to click on his advertisers ads, gaining XXX amount of money for each time one of his blog readers linked to the ads. Very deceitful and totally dishonest. I do believe this would devestate each one of you, had you been the victim.
2) is when people are more than inspired with jewelry that I've created and truly set out to closely copy what I've created vs. learning to create their own personal styles. It's even further frustrating when people take credit on their blogs for this closely copied jewelry as their own creativity.
I am going to be teaching vintage jewelry design this month, and one of the things I will strongly advocate is people developing their personal look/style and not run their business copying/totally being inspired by all other artisans, but actually coming up with clever repurposing and ideas on their own. This after all is what artists are... people that are bursting with ideas and originality.
So as far as people pinning things they like to purchase, admire, or even be inspired by is totally fine by me. But, if people pin things to TOTALLY take an original design/idea and than take credit for it on their own blogs when people admire it, without giving credit to the original creator.

Just my personal feelings on this much heated subject.

Gretchen said...

An entire 2 years of a personal blog content were what was stolen and being used as someone else's to gain monetary value when ads were clicked on because of the blogging content. More than a simple pinning of someones designs.
Glenda, I couldn't even begin to try to figure out if all of my pinned one of a kind/original jewelry photographs were linked back to my site. lol Again, my issue was the complete theft of all blog content with 2 years worth of written and photographed content by me.

Sue said...

Glenda, I don't can anything but I do make jelly! Oh my- I can't wait until the strawberries come into season. Who know when that will be with our wild weather- usually it is the first week of June.
I don't use Pinterest anymore. The way that it works with them "owning" the content doesn't sit well with me. The company has too many issues with copyright issues. Heck, its own CEO just resigned in March! I asked that all my photos be removed from their site and they didn't cooperate, even though they have done so with two other people I know. One lawyer who had boards threatened legal action before they removed her pictures. I removed all of my boards and pics from my account, but things that have been pinned from my blog are still floating around- some pinned incorrectly.... I am now using Clipix- I wrote about it in a previous post- click on my search on my blog to see. It offers a PRIVATE mode, so I can clip pics and put them in a folder that only I can see. So many options and they care about their users.
I don't mind if anyone links to my blog- means a little more exposure to me, that's all- not that I am clamoring for attention and "hits" like some bloggers are doing.
Take care. Sue

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, yummy! Nothing better than stove toast and homemade jam.
I'm not sure why I started the watermarks on my pictures, more I think for myself than anything else. There seems to be a lot of the "borrowing" of pics and posts without permission going around. I guess those that take don't have any imagination or just have that vice with in them. Shame, shame, shame. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I haven't had that problem, guess nothing of mine is worth taking. I don't mind them pinning pics, trying to get the blog out there, but they shouldn't take the content of the blog to make it sound like there own. I hope you find the other 2 pics and confront them on it.. all of the taking without permission needs to stop. hugs ~lynne~

Donna said...

I could use a jar of the jam!
I would like for people to ask permission to use my pics! I think people should give credit to others work. I try to "mark" my photos if I think they might show up on Pinterest.

The Old Parsonage said...

Hi Glenda

That jam looks wonderful! I want to make some this weekend:)

I don't really have that problem, but can see why you need to link back to a persons blog when showcasing their work.

Good luck sluething!

Richard Cottrell said...

i love jelly and home made is so special. My mother made a lot of it, there was seven of us kids. When we all left the nest, she went to store bought, so much easier and cheaper she said. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, just checking in, hope you have some of the issues resolved.
hugs ~lynne~

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I have a lot of photos pinned on pinterest and as far as I can tell, they all link back to my blog.
But your right Glenda, their is really no way to totally protect your projects or pictures. Even watermarking has been cropped out I've been told,
Hugs and have a great day!

Sue said...

I was sort of flattered when I saw that there were several pictures from my blog on Pinterest when I joined. The ones I've found must all link back because they are listed as being from I have no idea if others are out there. I don't have a problem with it if someone just wants to use a recipe or decorating idea. I do have a problem if they use a beach, flower etc. shot and sell it for a profit. I know some have had issues...I guess it requires more thought.

Amy Burzese said...

The jam looks good and hour jewelry looks fantastic too!