Friday, May 10, 2013

Dab of This and That


Thought I would have more pictures of the flowers ready for a post  today, but some are slow growing this year,  and had to replant 3 of them yesterday, that the squirrels had damaged.  That time of the year for the tree squiggles, and those mixed with last night's and today's rain - kind of a mess out there.
So - thought I would share the latest  adventures of daughter's 4 legged member of the family.....
Daughter has had  a mother cat hanging around for a while, then she disappeared.  Came back a few weeks later with a baby - both solid black.  They live in a rural area, and if there were other babies, apparently they did not survive with all the wild life around.  They hang out in their carport, so my daughter makes sure they have fresh water and food. Even tho the baby is still nursing,  she said the mother is trying to teach it how to eat the cat food.  Both appear healthy, so apparently others in the area have seen that they have been taken care of. Pic not real great as taken with her phone.
They showed up wet from the rain, so got toweled off...
Pretty kitty has made its self right at home.....
They look like they have settled in, but she will be looking for a home for them.  This spoiled, fat cat rarely goes outside and only if one of the family is with him, then he goes back inside when they do.
Just so happened family and fat cat was outside a couple of nights ago, when 2 other cats showed up, and started to approach the baby.  That did not fly well with him or the mother of the baby and they attacked.  She said the fur did fly  - literally, and the uninvited cats took off.  He normally does  not tolerate another animal being around very well, but guess he appointed himself as protector of "baby".

Just another  Dab of This and That ramble, and making it a short one, as need to get caught up on some other things  today.
Have a great weekend !


20 North Ora said...

Glenda - Looks like they have adjusted quite well and are completely at home.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Oh, they're so cute. Hopefully they'll find a good new home soon.

xinex said...

Wow! They are so black, so cute!...Christine

Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

Awe, so sweet, Glenda. I have cats that have been "showing" up on our back porch to eat dogfood, so I make sure the pan is full every night before bed time because this is when they visit. I can't stand to see an animal hungry or scared!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Awww that's so sweet that he's protective and that your daughter is taking care of a stray! I'm with Teresa, I can't stand to see an animal hungry and I wish people would take having a pet seriously and be more responsible.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Happy Mother's Day Glenda!
Hope you get to spend time with your adorable grand-daughter too.

must love junk said...

Oh, they're so adorable!! I love cats-and these look like mini versions of my 'Cole' :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Loved watching the hummingbird cam!

The feral cats remind we when I tried to rescue a small one myself and it bit me badly. These look much more socialized.

Hope you've had a nice Mother's Day, Glenda!

Donna said...

I love to watch hummingbirds! I think they are amazing.
I adore baby kitties. One of our "barn cats" must have had a black kitten as well. I will be looking for a home for it as well.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Glenda, that video is amazing. I enjoyed watching. Beautiful cats. So glad your daughter and her cat are taking care of them. Have a good week. laurie

Sue said...

I hope you had a nice day yesterday. Mine was good, I actually had four days of very busy and today I could barely move. I guess I'm not used to that kind of busy anymore!

We are having a couple of beautiful days. My iris are starting to bloom, we had frost this morning but it warmed up and tomorrow is supposed to be hot. Of course then comes days of rain again. Crazy weather. At least it gives us all something to talk about!

I'm not a cat person, but I always love the black ones best!

Lynn Stevens said...

There's nothing like baby fur babies to make give anyone that warm fuzzy feeling.
Wow what a great protector, bet those other two cats never come back. LOL
Hugs Lynn

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Glenda, the kitty seems to be very happy. Baby kitties are so sweet. Fun to watch the hummers.