Sunday, September 27, 2015

Just Another Dab of This and That....

 What happens when you plant  two different colors of pink, knockout roses next to each other? Daughter's knockout roses - picture taken in May.
After a hot Summer,  and then the Japanese beetles did their damage, they are starting to spring back and produce a few new blooms before the cold sets in.  It seems a little cross pollination took place, and here is the results.
Sadly, to late in the year for them to spring back to their beauty they displayed last Spring, and Summer.  Looking forward to next year's display.
On their yearly trip to the local pumpkin patch, they found some very odd ones.
 I asked her if the white were attached after picked, and she said they were grafted together while still growing in the field.
More pics from the trip to the pumpkins patch another time.
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  Anyone tried these yet?
I have not.  However, daughter did and said there are 3 colors, each one representing a different part of a pecan pie. She said they were good, and felt she deserved them after a major grocery shopping trip on a Saturday morning when everyone else decided to do their shopping. Excuses, Excuses. :-D !
Actually - sounds like a good enough excuse to me.
I remember the old time karo pecan pies many of us grew up with in the South.  Many years ago, the head of the department I worked in always brought pecan pies to many of our luncheons - whatever the occasion.  They were so good and  when she heard I liked them so much, she would bring an extra and tell me to tuck it away and take it home.  She said she would give me the recipe, but it never happened.   Kinda think it was her "little secret" - so good.
Dab of This and That


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

That rose is so cool! That kinda happened to my blue hydrangeas that would never turn blue. I tried adding whatever it is you are supposed to add to the soil to make them blue and they came out pink and blue....really pretty! I think those pumpkins are a kind of gourd. I bought some a few years ago and used them as part of a centerpiece. They added such a nice touch of Fall. Those M & M's sound wonderful. Pecan pie is one of my favorites!

Cheryl said...

The roses are fabulous. I know all to well about bugs attacking plants. I keep trying to find out what is eating the leaves on all my plants. I'm thinking about adding some double sided sticky tape to catch a few--- because even though I go out in the middle of the night with a flashlight I'm just not seeing them in action!

The multi colored pumpkins look awful! What is wrong with pumpkins looking like pumpkins lol... everyone is always trying to make a buck. That being said, I do like all white pumpkins *wink*

Soooooooooooo sad to hear about Bill's passing. Just rips at your heart. I'm glad to hear that your granddaughter is none the wiser, she is far to young to feel that heartache. We should all be so blessed to be shielded from such grief.
big hugs Glenda :-)

bj said...

oH, yes, I grew up on the best pecan pies ever mama could whip one up, homemade crust and all, in a matter of minutes. I still make them to this day and now, I am wanting one really REALLY bad...and they only have 14 million calories in EACH slice, ya know. :(

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Gorgeous roses, I wish I could get them to grow like that! I think those Pecan Pie M&M's could be really dangerous and extremely addicting!

handmade by amalia said...

I wish we had a pumpkin patch around here. It seems to me to be such a magical place, the beginning of many wonderful stories.
I'm with Betsy, Pecan Pie M&M's should come with their own warning.

LV said...

Nothing better than a home made pecan pie. My mother made the best. However, she was a very good cook of most anything. I love the first rose picture. Very pretty.

Light and Voices said...

Wow, cross pollination....kewelopolis! I'll look for that M&M candy haven't seen it yet. Happy Fall!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Glenda, that rose is amazing! I love the unusual pumpkins that they have now days. I love pecan pie! In fact, I am making two tomorrow for a party at my home on Sat. I have got to try those m&m's! Thanks for sharing with SYC.